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Four Critical Initial Steps To Developing Actionable Customer / Prospect Profiles

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Achieve a comprehensive view of your customer / prospect data by professionally auditing, diagnosing, validating, and appending missing information to your house files.

We all like to be treated as VIPs. As a VIP, your salesperson or supply-source knows your likes and dislikes, anticipates your needs and strives to exceed your expectations. You enjoy an exclusive experience that puts you at ease and simplifies your transactions.

In an analog world, this took individual research and was not practical on a mass scale.

In today’s digital world, tailoring a VIP experience to every customer is much easier. Data is available on actual transactions and engagements. In addition, data can be overlaid to fill in the missing elements needed to develop a complete buyer profile.

The result: customers who sense they are special and are more willing to spend more with your company.

Sounds Simple But Here's The Challenge...

Often, the internal digital data needed to develop customized marketing is a mess. Stored on multiple software systems or platforms, it’s impossible to get a comprehensive view. Also, businesses don’t always possess the analytical know-how to interpret the data even when it is assembled.

There are four key steps to resolving this dilemma:

  • Collect & Audit Data - gather all customer / prospect files, standardize fields, and segment for next steps

  • Diagnostics & Validation - review files and assess for completeness and data integrity

  • Append Missing Data - fill the gaps in existing records

  • Profile & Analysis - develop actionable customer personas to guide future marketing efforts

We have assisted many companies with this process. Check out this blog post to learn more: CASE STUDY: Taming Wild Data.

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