Is your customer or prospect data missing info?  Are you unsure of the accuracy or recency of the information? Do you have a current profile of your best customers so you find more of them?

We can help. 


Dirty data exists. It may be bad from the source, from user input errors, or decay with age. Regardless of the problem, we can repair the damage.  

We will clean and polish your records quickly and affordably.  By standardizing fields, diagnosing issues, validating existing records, and then filling gaps in your info, you'll have a final file that is usable and more productive. 


Once clean and organized, you can append additional elements.  These data enhancements allow you to know more about your customers and prospects. For example, we can append:

  • Demographic Indicators - gender, age, household income, etc.

  • Lifestyle & Interest Indicators - online buyers, hobbies, travel activities, etc. 

  • Industry Coding - SIC, NAICS

  • Contact Info - names, phone, email, etc. 



Get a complete statistical profile of your customers or prospects, including the percentage of your database by: 

  • Household income

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Education levels

  • Presence of children

  • Marital status

  • Dwelling type

  • Home value

  • Behavioral characteristics

Use this data to develop customer personas for targeted marketing. To see a sample report, click here.

Contact us today to discover how to enhance your file to produce better results.